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11/10/2014 Native bark-foraging birds preferentially forage in infected ash (Fraxinus spp.) and prove effective predators of the invasive emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Charles E. Flower, Lawrence C. Long, Kathleen S. Knight, Joanne Rebbeck, Joel S. Brown, Miquel A. Gonzalez-Melera, Christopher J. Whelan article, faculty research, student research public
11/21/2011 Physicochemical habitat association of a native and a non-native crayfish in the lower Flint river, Georgia: implications for invasion success Student/Faculty Work Sargent, L. W., S. W. Golladay, A. P. Covich, & S. P. Opsahl article public
11/21/2011 Impact of an invasive oak-gall wasp on a native butterfly: a test of plant-mediated competition Student/Faculty Work Prior, K. M., & J. J. Hellmann article public
11/21/2011 Molecular detection of invasive species in heterogeneous mixtures using a microfluidic carbon nanotube platform Student/Faculty Work Mahon, A.R., M.A. Barnes, S. Senapati, J.L. Feder, J.A. Darling, H-C. Chang, & D.M. Lodge. D.M. article public
11/21/2011 Managing ecological thresholds in coupled environmental-human systems Student/Faculty Work Horan, R.D., Fenichel, E.P., Drury, K.L., & Lodge, D.M. article public
10/26/2010 Conundrums of a complex vector for invasive species control: a detailed examination of the horticultural industry Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Drew, Anderson, Andow faculty research, student research public
10/23/2009 Invasive plants impact California native plants used in traditional basketry Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Jeanine Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Huerta Ortiz article public
10/23/2009 Biological invasions and biocultural diversity: linking ecological and cultural systems Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Jeanine Pfeiffer, Robert Voeks article public
06/23/2009 Saving Hawaii From Alien Plants Student/Faculty Work Joshua P. Atwood student research public
06/16/2009 Louisiana Crayfish: Good, Bad and Delicious Student/Faculty Work Matthew Barnes, Ashley Baldridge student research public