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01/21/2011 Subset of thin spike cortical neurons preserve the peripheral encoding of stimulus onsets Student/Faculty Work Frank G Lin, Robert C Liu student research public
01/02/2011 Reconsidering 'Spatial Memory' and the Morris Water Maze Student/Faculty Work Jacqueline Sullivan article public
09/04/2009 The multiplicity of experimental protocols: A challenge to reductionist and non-reductionist accounts of the unity of neuroscience Articles of Interest Jacqueline Sullivan article public
07/03/2009 Cancer Borealis Stomatogastric Nervous System Dissection Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Gabrielle J Gutierrez, Rachel G Grashow video article public
07/03/2009 Signal Propagation Through Neural Networks Student/Faculty Work Gabrielle Gutierrez, Larry Abbott, Eve Marder poster public
07/03/2009 Thin-film enhanced nerve guidance channels for peripheral nerve repair. Student/Faculty Work Clements IP, Kim YT, English AW, Lu X, Chung A, Bellamkonda RV. article public
06/23/2009 How Jellybeans Can Reveal Neuroscience to the Public Student/Faculty Work Alexis B. Webb student research public