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11/18/2011 What We Should Know Before Using Tissue Engineering Techniques to Repair Injured Tendons: A Developmental Biology Perspective Student/Faculty Work Liu C-F, Aschbacher-Smith L., Barthelery, N.J., Dyment, N., Butler, D.L., & Wylie C. article public
11/18/2011 Chondroitin-6-Sulfate Incorporation and Mechanical Stimulation Increase MSC-Collagen Sponge Construct Stiffness Student/Faculty Work Kinneberg K.R.C., Nirmalanandhan V.S., Juncosa-Melvin, N., Powell H.M., Boyce S.T., Shearn J.T., & Butler D.L. article public
07/03/2009 Thin-film enhanced nerve guidance channels for peripheral nerve repair. Student/Faculty Work Clements IP, Kim YT, English AW, Lu X, Chung A, Bellamkonda RV. article public