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01/11/2013 Intercontinental Dispersal of Bacteria and Archaea in Transpacific Winds Student/Faculty Work Smith DJ, Timonen HJ, Jaffe DA, Griffin DW, Birmele MN, Perry KD, Ward PD, Roberts MS journal article public
12/15/2011 Microbial survival in the stratosphere and implications for global dispersal. Student/Faculty Work Smith, D.J., Griffin, D.W., McPeters, R.D., Ward, P.D., Schuerger, A.C. article abstract public
10/26/2009 GEO Vision: Unraveling Earth's Complexities through the Geosciences Articles of Interest NSF Advisory Committee for Geosciences Report public
06/16/2009 Students Venture into Hearts of Violent Storms Student/Faculty Work Tanya Brown student research public