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09/27/2013 Stable isotopic analysis of pyrogenic organic matter in soils by liquid chromatography–isotope-ratio mass spectrometry of benzene polycarboxylic acids Interdisciplinary Ed, NSF Documents, Student/Faculty Work Yarnes, C., Santos, F., Singh, N., Abiven, S., Schmidt, M. W. I. and Bird, J. A. journal article public
11/23/2011 Grass invasion causes rapid increases in ecosystem carbon and nitrogen storage Student/Faculty Work Wolkovitch, E. M., Lipson, D. A., Virginia, R. A., Bolger, D. T. & Cottingham, K. L. article public
11/22/2011 Plant Water Use Efficiency Response to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration is Greater in High Altitude Environments Student/Faculty Work Feng, X., & Wang, G. abstract public
11/22/2011 Control mechanisms of soil particle size on the quality of soil organic matter Student/Faculty Work Coplin A., Faiia, A. M., Aho, K., Kelson, S., Virginia, R.A., Xu, X., & Feng, X. abstract public
11/22/2011 Interactions between physical and biotic factors influence CO2 flux from Antarctic dry valley soils Student/Faculty Work Becky A Ball, Ross A Virginia, J E Barrett, Andy N Parsons, Diana H Wall article public
11/18/2011 Gas diffusion through columnar laboratory sea ice: Implications for mixed-layer ventilation of CO2 in the seasonal ice zone Student/Faculty Work Loose, B., Schlosser, P., Perovich, D., Ringelberg, D., Ho, D.T., Takahashi, T., Richter-Menge, J., Reynolds, C.M., McGillis, W.R., & Tison, J.L. article public