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10/04/2012 Changes in bivalve functional and assemblage ecology in response to environmental change in the Caribbean Neogene Student/Faculty Work Jill Leonard-Pingel, Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Aaron O'Dea news story, abstract public
11/22/2011 Interdisciplinary Graduate Training in Polar Environmental Change: Field-based learning in Greenland Student/Faculty Work Virginia, R. A., Holm, K., Whitecloud, S., Levy, L., Kelly, M. A., Feng, X., & Grenoble, L. abstract public
11/22/2011 A first-order accuracy assessment of GLAS elevation data near Summit, Greenland Student/Faculty Work Siegfried, M. R., Hawley, R. L., Burkhart, J. F., & O'Neel, S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Influence of sea ice cover on high latitude precipitation: Inferences from precipitation isotope measurements and a 2D model Student/Faculty Work Posmentier, E. S., Faiia, A., Feng, X., & Michel, F. A. abstract public
11/22/2011 Fjord floor landforms and processes at the termini of Kongsvegen and Kronebreen Glaciers, Svalbard Student/Faculty Work Kehrl, L.M., Hawley, R. L., Powell, R.D., & Brigham-Grette, J. abstract public
11/22/2011 Recent mass changes of Peyto Glacier, Alberta, from remote sensing and field measurements Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R. L., Winski, D., & Osterberg, E.C. abstract public
11/22/2011 Connecting airborne Ku-band radar measurements to surface-based measurements: Integrating data from ASIRAS, VHB, and physical property measurements from Greenland and Svalbard Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R. L., Morris, E. M., & Brant, O. abstract public
11/22/2011 Plant Water Use Efficiency Response to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration is Greater in High Altitude Environments Student/Faculty Work Feng, X., & Wang, G. abstract public
11/22/2011 Isotopic Variations of Atmospheric Water Vapor on Synoptic Scales in Hanover, NH Student/Faculty Work Everhart, K.K., Faiia, A.M., Feng, X., & Posmentier, E.S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Lattice Boltzmann modeling of air flow through firn from a megadunes area of East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Courville, Z., Hopkins, M., Horhold, M., & Albert, M. abstract public
11/22/2011 Control mechanisms of soil particle size on the quality of soil organic matter Student/Faculty Work Coplin A., Faiia, A. M., Aho, K., Kelson, S., Virginia, R.A., Xu, X., & Feng, X. abstract public
11/22/2011 Firn properties and satellite imagery: Early results from the Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Bell, E., Albert, M., Courville, Z., Muller, K., & Tronstad, S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Shallow firn properties and accumulation rates at sites in East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Albert, M., Courville, Z., Bell, E., Muller, K., Anschuetz, H., & Tronstad, S. abstract public