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07/11/2012 Magnetic properties of Co2C and Co3C nanoparticles and their assemblies Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Kyler J. Caroll, Zachary J. Huba, Steven R. Spurgeon, Meichun Qian, Shiv N. Khanna, Daniel M. Hudgins, Mitra L. Taheri, Everett E. Carpenter journal article public
05/11/2012 Temperature dependent thermal conductivity of pure silica MEL and MFI zeolite thin films Student/Faculty Work Jin Fang, Yi Huang, Christopher M. Lew, Yushan Yan, and Laurent Pilon faculty research, interdisciplinary research, journal article public
12/14/2011 Plasmonic Polymer Tandem Solar Cell Student/Faculty Work Jun Yang, Jingbi You, Chun-Chao Chen, Wan-Ching Hsu, Hai-ren Tan, Xing Wang Zhang, Ziruo Hong, and Yang Yang journal article, student research, faculty research public
12/09/2011 One-pot aqueous synthesis of Fe and Ag core/shell nanoparticles Student/Faculty Work Carroll, K.J., D.M. Hudgins, S. Spurgeon, K.M. Kemner, B. Mishra, M.I. Boyanov, L.W. Brown, M.L. Taheri, and E.E. Carpenter student publication public