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12/06/2011 Thin-film heterostructures of Fe-and Co-BaTiO3 exhibit interface multiferroicity at room temperature Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Steven Spuergon article public
11/30/2011 Nanorod Assemblies in Polymer Films and Their Dispersion-Dependent Optical Properties Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Michael J. A. Hore, Amalie L. Frischknecht, and Russell J. Composto article, faculty research public
11/23/2011 Speaking out: weighing advocacy and objectivity as a junior scientist Student/Faculty Work Morrison, T.A. & Ayres, M.P. article public
11/23/2011 Surface engineering of core/shell iron/iron oxide nanoparticles from microemulsions for hyperthermia Student/Faculty Work Zhang, G., Liao, Y. & Baker, I. article public
11/23/2011 Grass invasion causes rapid increases in ecosystem carbon and nitrogen storage Student/Faculty Work Wolkovitch, E. M., Lipson, D. A., Virginia, R. A., Bolger, D. T. & Cottingham, K. L. article public
11/23/2011 A new technique for firn grain-size measurement using SEM image analysis Student/Faculty Work Spaulding, N.E., Meese, D. A., Baker, I. Mayewski, P.A. & Hamilton, G.S. article public
11/23/2011 Simulation of melt pond evolution on level ice Student/Faculty Work Skyllingstad, E. D., Paulson, C. A. & Perovich, D. K. article public
11/23/2011 Terrestrial mesofauna in above- and below-ground habitats: Taylor Valley, Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Simmons, B. L., Wall, D. H., Adams, B. J., Ayres, E., Barrett, J. E. & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/23/2011 Long-term experimental warming reduces soil nematode populations in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Simmons, B. L., Wall, D. H., Adams, B. J., Ayres, E., Barrett, J. E. & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/23/2011 Experimental evidence for neutral community dynamics governing an insect assemblage Student/Faculty Work Siepielski, A.M, Hung, K.L., Bein ,E.E.B. & McPeek, M.A. artice public
11/23/2011 Deep air convection in the firn at a zero-accumulation site, central Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Severinghaus, J., Albert, M., Courville, Z., Fahnestock, M., Kawamura, K., Montzka, S., Muhle, J., Scambos, T., Shields, E., Shuman, C., Suwa, M., Tans, P. & Weiss, R. article public
11/23/2011 Adaptation of Forests and People to Climate Change: A Global Assessment Report Student/Faculty Work Seppälä, R., Buck, A. & Katila, P. (eds.) Report public
11/23/2011 Loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K. & Richter-Menge, J. A. article public
11/23/2011 Effects of freezing, growth, and ice cover on gas transport processes in laboratory seawater experiments Student/Faculty Work Loose, B., McGillis, W. R., Schlosser, P. Perovich, D. & Takahashi, T. article public
11/23/2011 On the effects of temperature on the strength of H2SO4-doped ice single crystals Student/Faculty Work Li, Xiang; Iliescu, Daniel; Baker, Ian article public
11/23/2011 Stable isotopic exchange rate constant between snow and liquid water Student/Faculty Work Lee, J., Feng, X., Posmentier, E.S., Faiia, A.M. and Taylor, S. article public
11/23/2011 Fluctuations of local glaciers in Greenland during latest Pleistocene and Holocene time Student/Faculty Work Kelly, M.A. & Lowell, T.V. article public
11/22/2011 The Impact of Accumulation Rate on Anisotropy and Air Permeability of Polar Firn at a High Accumulation Site Student/Faculty Work Horhold, M. W., Albert, M. R., Freitag, J. article public
11/22/2011 Ice-sheet elevations from across-track processing of airborne interferometric radar altimetry Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R.L., Shepherd, A. P., Cullen, R., Helm, V. & Wingham, D. article public
11/22/2011 Dating of raised marine and lacustrine deposits in east Greenland using beryllium-10 depth profiles and implications for estimates of subglacial erosion Student/Faculty Work Goehring, B.M., Kelly, M.A., Schaefer, J.M., Finkel, R.C. & Lowell, T.V. article public
11/22/2011 Polar firn air reveals large-scale impact of anthropogenic mercury emissions during the 1970s Student/Faculty Work Fain, X., Ferrari, C., Dommergue, A., Albert, M., Battle, M., Severinghaus, J., Arnaud, L., Barnola, J-M, Calms, W., Barbante, C. & Boutron, C. article public
11/22/2011 Responses of insect pests, pathogens, and invasive plant species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict? Student/Faculty Work Dukes, J., Pontius, J., Orwig, D., Garnas, J., Rodgers, V., Brazee, N., Cooke, B., Theoharides, K.A., Stange, E., Harrington, R., Ehrenfeld, J., Gurevitch, J., Lerdau, M., Stinson, K., Wick, R. & Ayres, M.P. article public
11/22/2011 Interdisciplinary Graduate Training in Polar Environmental Change: Field-based learning in Greenland Student/Faculty Work Virginia, R. A., Holm, K., Whitecloud, S., Levy, L., Kelly, M. A., Feng, X., & Grenoble, L. abstract public
11/22/2011 Interannual dynamics of aerial and arboreal green spruce aphid populations Student/Faculty Work Keith Richard Day, Matthew P. Ayres, Richard Harrington and Neil A. C. Kidd article public
11/22/2011 A first-order accuracy assessment of GLAS elevation data near Summit, Greenland Student/Faculty Work Siegfried, M. R., Hawley, R. L., Burkhart, J. F., & O'Neel, S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Influence of sea ice cover on high latitude precipitation: Inferences from precipitation isotope measurements and a 2D model Student/Faculty Work Posmentier, E. S., Faiia, A., Feng, X., & Michel, F. A. abstract public
11/22/2011 The Response of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate Student/Faculty Work Alison S. Criscitiello, Meredith A. Kelly, and Bruno Tremblay article public
11/22/2011 Characterization of Porous Snow with SEM and Micro CT Student/Faculty Work Lomonaco, R.W., Chen, S., & Baker, I. article public
11/22/2011 Fjord floor landforms and processes at the termini of Kongsvegen and Kronebreen Glaciers, Svalbard Student/Faculty Work Kehrl, L.M., Hawley, R. L., Powell, R.D., & Brigham-Grette, J. abstract public
11/22/2011 Recent mass changes of Peyto Glacier, Alberta, from remote sensing and field measurements Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R. L., Winski, D., & Osterberg, E.C. abstract public
11/22/2011 Connecting airborne Ku-band radar measurements to surface-based measurements: Integrating data from ASIRAS, VHB, and physical property measurements from Greenland and Svalbard Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R. L., Morris, E. M., & Brant, O. abstract public
11/22/2011 Plant Water Use Efficiency Response to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration is Greater in High Altitude Environments Student/Faculty Work Feng, X., & Wang, G. abstract public
11/22/2011 Isotopic Variations of Atmospheric Water Vapor on Synoptic Scales in Hanover, NH Student/Faculty Work Everhart, K.K., Faiia, A.M., Feng, X., & Posmentier, E.S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Lattice Boltzmann modeling of air flow through firn from a megadunes area of East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Courville, Z., Hopkins, M., Horhold, M., & Albert, M. abstract public
11/22/2011 Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availability Student/Faculty Work Craine, J. M., Elmore, A. J., Aidar, M. P. M. , Amundson, R. G., Bustamante, M., Coetsee, C., Dawson, T. E., Hawkins, H. J., Hobbie, E. A., Koba, K., Mack, M. C., Makarov, M. I., McLauchlan, K. K., Michelsen, A., Nardoto, G. B., Pardo, L. H., Peñuelas, J. article public
11/22/2011 Control mechanisms of soil particle size on the quality of soil organic matter Student/Faculty Work Coplin A., Faiia, A. M., Aho, K., Kelson, S., Virginia, R.A., Xu, X., & Feng, X. abstract public
11/22/2011 Firn properties and satellite imagery: Early results from the Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Bell, E., Albert, M., Courville, Z., Muller, K., & Tronstad, S. abstract public
11/22/2011 Shallow firn properties and accumulation rates at sites in East Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Albert, M., Courville, Z., Bell, E., Muller, K., Anschuetz, H., & Tronstad, S. abstract public
11/22/2011 The distribution and abundance of animal populations in a climate of uncertainty Student/Faculty Work Berggren, Å., Björkman, C., Bylund, H. and Ayres, M. P. article public
11/22/2011 Interactions between physical and biotic factors influence CO2 flux from Antarctic dry valley soils Student/Faculty Work Becky A Ball, Ross A Virginia, J E Barrett, Andy N Parsons, Diana H Wall article public
11/22/2011 Microstructural evolution of spinodally formed Fe35Ni15Mn25Al25 Student/Faculty Work Baker, I., Zheng, R.K., Saxey, D.W., Kuwano, S., Wittmann, M.W., Loudis, J.A., Prasad, K.S., Liu, Z., Marceau, R. & Ringer, S.P. article public
11/21/2011 Unregulated ARF6 Activation in Epithelial Cysts Generates Hyperactive Signaling Endosomes and Disrupts Morphogenesis Student/Faculty Work Tushir, J., J. Clancy, A. Warren, C. Wrobel, J. Brugge, & C. D’Souza-Schorey article public
11/21/2011 Salmon subsidies alleviate nutrient limitation of benthic biofilms in Southeast Alaskan streams Student/Faculty Work Rüegg, J., Tiegs, S.D., Chaloner, D.T., Levi, P.S., Tank, J.L., & Lamberti, G.A. article public
11/21/2011 Regulate trade in rare plants Student/Faculty Work Shirey, P.D., & G.A. Lamberti article public
11/21/2011 Physicochemical habitat association of a native and a non-native crayfish in the lower Flint river, Georgia: implications for invasion success Student/Faculty Work Sargent, L. W., S. W. Golladay, A. P. Covich, & S. P. Opsahl article public
11/21/2011 Future declines of the binational Laurentian Great Lakes fisheries: recognizing the importance of environmental and cultural change Student/Faculty Work Rothlisberger, J.D., D.M. Lodge, R.M. Cooke, & D.C. Finnoff article public
11/21/2011 Natural history informing research: a review of The Freshwater Mussels of Ohio Student/Faculty Work Roley, S.S. article public
11/21/2011 An optimized microarray platform for assaying genomic variation in Plasmodium falciparum field populations Student/Faculty Work Tan, J. C., B. A. Miller, A. Tan, J. J. Patel, I. H. Cheeseman, T. J. Anderson, M. Manske, G. Maslen, D. P. Kwiatkowski, & M. T. Ferdig article public
11/21/2011 Impact of an invasive oak-gall wasp on a native butterfly: a test of plant-mediated competition Student/Faculty Work Prior, K. M., & J. J. Hellmann article public
11/21/2011 Reconstructing aquatic insect metacommunity assembly after a severe disturbance Student/Faculty Work Patrick, C.J., & C.M. Swan article public
11/21/2011 Nature in our own backyards: Urban Ecology and Children Student/Faculty Work Jessica Mikels-Carrasco article public
11/21/2011 Molecular detection of invasive species in heterogeneous mixtures using a microfluidic carbon nanotube platform Student/Faculty Work Mahon, A.R., M.A. Barnes, S. Senapati, J.L. Feder, J.A. Darling, H-C. Chang, & D.M. Lodge. D.M. article public
11/21/2011 The anthropogenic environment lessens the intensity and prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in Balinese long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) Student/Faculty Work Lane, K.E., Holley, C., Hollocher, H., & Fuentes, A. article public
11/21/2011 Managing ecological thresholds in coupled environmental-human systems Student/Faculty Work Horan, R.D., Fenichel, E.P., Drury, K.L., & Lodge, D.M. article public
11/21/2011 Geographic and ecological overlap of parasitoid wasps associated with the Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) species complex Student/Faculty Work Forbes, A.A., G.R. Hood, T.H.Q. Powell, & J.L. Feder article public
11/21/2011 The Diapause Response of Rhagoletis pomonella to Varying Environmental Conditions and its Significance for Geographic and Host-Plant Related Adaptation Student/Faculty Work Feder, J.L., T.H.Q. Powell, K. Filchak, & B. Leung article public
11/21/2011 The efficacy of divergence hitchhiking in generating genomic islands during ecological speciation Student/Faculty Work Feder, J.L. & Nosil, P. article public
11/21/2011 Reassessing conservation goals in a changing climate Student/Faculty Work Camacho, A.E., H. Doremus, J.S. McLachlan, & B.A. Minteer article public
11/21/2011 The metacommunity concept as a multispecies, multiscale framework for studying the influence of river network structure on riverine communities and ecosystems Student/Faculty Work Brown, B.L., C.M. Swan, D.A. Auerbach, E.H. Grant, N.P. Hitt, K.O. Maloney, & C.J. Patrick article public
11/21/2011 Nitrous oxide emission from denitrification in stream and river networks Student/Faculty Work Beaulieu, J.J., J.L. Tank, S.K. Hamilton, P.J. Mulholland, A.M. Helton, G.C. Poole, R.O. Hall, B.J. Peterson, L.R. Ashkenas, L.W. Cooper, C.N. Dahm, W.K. Dodds, S.E. Findlay, N.B. Grimm, S.L. Johnson, W.H. McDowell, J.L. Meyer, H.M. Valett, C.P. Arango, M article public
11/18/2011 Tendon Tissue Engineering: Progress, Challenges, and Translation to the Clinic Student/Faculty Work Shearn J.T., Kinneberg K.R.C., Dyment N.A., Galloway M.T., Kenter K., Wylie C., Butler D.L. article public
11/18/2011 What We Should Know Before Using Tissue Engineering Techniques to Repair Injured Tendons: A Developmental Biology Perspective Student/Faculty Work Liu C-F, Aschbacher-Smith L., Barthelery, N.J., Dyment, N., Butler, D.L., & Wylie C. article public
11/18/2011 Meal patterns and hypothalamic NPY expression during chronic social stress and recovery Student/Faculty Work Melhorn, S.J., Krause, E.G., Scott, K.A., Mooney, M.R., Johnson, J.D., Woods, S.C., & Sakai, R.R. article public
11/18/2011 Acute exposure to a high-fat diet alters meal patterns and body composition Student/Faculty Work Melhorn, S.J., Krause, E.G., Scott, K.A., Mooney, M.R., Johnson, J.D., Woods, S.C., & Sakai, R.R. article public
11/18/2011 The use of mesenchymal stem cells in collagen-based scaffolds for tissue-engineered repair of tendons Student/Faculty Work Butler, D.L., Gooch, C., Kinneberg, K.R., Boivin, G.P., Galloway, M.T., Nirmalanandhan, V.S., Shearn, J.T., & Juncosa-Melvin, N. article public
11/18/2011 High reflectivity electrofluidic pixels with zero-power grayscale operation Student/Faculty Work Yang, S., Zhou, K., Kreit, E., & Heikenfeld, J. article public
11/18/2011 Laplace barriers for electrowetting thredsholding and virtual fluid confinement Student/Faculty Work Kreit, E., Dhindsa, M., Yang, S, Hagedon, M., Zhou, K., Papautsky, I., & Heikenfeld, J. article public
11/18/2011 Chondroitin-6-Sulfate Incorporation and Mechanical Stimulation Increase MSC-Collagen Sponge Construct Stiffness Student/Faculty Work Kinneberg K.R.C., Nirmalanandhan V.S., Juncosa-Melvin, N., Powell H.M., Boyce S.T., Shearn J.T., & Butler D.L. article public
11/18/2011 The Arctic Region: Great Game or International Cooperation? Student/Faculty Work Yalowitz, K. S. & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/18/2011 Perspectives on Political and Social Regional Stability Impacted By Global Crises - A Social Science Context Student/Faculty Work Yalowitz, K. S. & Virginia, R. A. white paper public
11/18/2011 Opportunities and Challenges in Chinese Groundwater Science Student/Faculty Work Feng, X. white paper public
11/18/2011 Discovery and annotation of small proteins using genomics, proteomics, and computational approaches Student/Faculty Work Yang, X., Tschaplinski, T. J., Hurst, G. B., Jawdy, S., Abraham, P. E., Lankford P. K., Adams, R. M., Shah, M. B., Hettich, R. L., Lindquist, E., Kalluri, U. C., Gunter, L. E., Pennacchio, C., & Tuskan, G. A. article public
11/18/2011 Comparing Hardware Accelerators in Scientific Computing: A Case Study Student/Faculty Work Weber. R., Gothandaraman, A., Hinde, R. J., & Peterson, G. D. article public
11/18/2011 A Survey of Aspartate-Phenylalanine and Glutamate-Phenylalanine Interactions in the Protein Data Bank: Searching for Anion-p Pairs Student/Faculty Work Philip, V., Harris, J., Adams, R., Nguyen, D., Spiers, J., Baudry, J., Howell, E. E., & Hinde, R. J. article public
11/18/2011 Machines watch you surf the web Student/Faculty Work Milt, A., Dumoulin, C., Reyles, J., & Rickett, S. student research public
11/18/2011 The North American Stonefly Project: Help scientists keep your rivers clean and healthy, plus identify the stoneflies in your home waters Student/Faculty Work Nelson, D., Culler, L.E., & DeWalt, E. article public
11/18/2011 Environmental controls on the phenology of moths: predicting plasticity and constraint under climate change Student/Faculty Work Valtonen, A., Ayres, M.P., Roininen, H., Pöyry, J., & Leinonen, R. article public
11/18/2011 Influences of the ocean surface mixed layer and thermohaline stratification on Arctic Sea ice in the central Canada Basin Student/Faculty Work Toole, J. M., Timmermans, M.L., Perovich, D. K., Krishfield, R. A., Proshutinsky, A., & Richter-Menge, J. A. article public
11/18/2011 Changing influence of Antarctic and Greenland temperature records on sea-level over the last glacial cycle Student/Faculty Work Sidall M., Kaplan M.R., Schaefer J.M., Putnam A., Kelly M.A., & Goehring B.M. article public
11/18/2011 Seasonal ice mass-balance buoys: adapting tools to the changing Arctic Student/Faculty Work Polashenski, C., Perovich, D.K., Richter-Menge, J.A., & Elder, B. article public
11/18/2011 Solar partitioning in a changing Arctic sea-ice cover Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K., Jones, K.F., Light, B., Eicken, H., Markus, T., Stroeve, J., & Lindsay, R. article public
11/18/2011 Arctic sea-ice melt in 2008 and the role of solar heating Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K., Richter-Menge, J.A., Jones, K.F., Light, B., Elder, B.C., Polashenski, C.M., LaRoche, D., Markus, T., & Lindsay, R. article public
11/18/2011 Nematode communities of Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, maritime Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Nielsen, U. N., Wall, D. H., Li, G., Toro, M., Adams, B. J., & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/18/2011 Isotopic evolution of snowmelt: A new model incorporating mobile and immobile water Student/Faculty Work Lee, J., Feng, X, Faiia, A.M., Posmentier, E.S., Osterhuber, R., & Kirchner, J.W. article public
11/18/2011 Gas diffusion through columnar laboratory sea ice: Implications for mixed-layer ventilation of CO2 in the seasonal ice zone Student/Faculty Work Loose, B., Schlosser, P., Perovich, D., Ringelberg, D., Ho, D.T., Takahashi, T., Richter-Menge, J., Reynolds, C.M., McGillis, W.R., & Tison, J.L. article public
11/18/2011 Comparison of seasonal ice-thickeness change in the Transpolar Drift observed by local ice mass-balance observations and floe-scale EM surveys Student/Faculty Work Haas, C., LeGoff, H., Audrain, S., Perovich, D., & Haapala, J. article public
11/18/2011 Zooplankton grazing of Gloeotrichia echinulata and associated life history consequences Student/Faculty Work Fey, S.B., Mayer, Z.A., Davis, S.D., & Cottingham, K.L. article public
11/18/2011 Dating of raised marine and lacustrine deposits in east Greenland using beryllium-10 depth profiles and implications for estimates of subglacial erosion Student/Faculty Work Goehring, B.M., Kelly, M.A., Schaefer, J.M., Finkel, R.C., & Lowell T.V. article public
11/18/2011 The Response of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate Student/Faculty Work Criscitiello, A.S., Kelly, M.A., & Tremblay, B. article public
11/18/2011 Toward a new research ethic for Greenland Student/Faculty Work Holm, L.K., Grenoble L.A., & Virginia, R.A. proceedings public
11/09/2011 Diurnal change of sandbank fish and shrimp assemblages in a temperate lowland river. Student/Faculty Work Katie Roach, Kirk Winemiller student research public
11/04/2011 Carbon coated textiles for flexible energy storage Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Kristy Jost, Carlos R. Perez, John K. McDonough, Volker Presser, Min Heon, Genevieve Dion, and Yury Gogotsi article, faculty research, student research public
11/04/2011 First-Order Raman Scattering of the MAX phases Ta4AlC3, Nb4AlC3, Ti4AlN3 and Ta2AlC Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Nina J. Lane, Michael Naguib, Volker Presser, Gilles Hug, Lars Hultman, and Michel W. Barsoum article, student research, faculty research public
11/04/2011 Temperature-Dependent Crystal Structures of Ti2AlN and Cr2GeC as Determined from High Temperature Neutron Diffraction Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Nina J. Lane, Sven C. Vogel, and Michel W. Barsoum article, student research, faculty research public
11/04/2011 Bioresource-based Energy for Sustainable Societies Student/Faculty Work Kristiina Vogt, Daniel Vogt, Maura Shelton, M, Rodney Cawston, Lloyd Nackley, J Scullion, Michael Marchand, Michael Tulee, Tom Colonnese, Laurie Stephan, Sharon Doty, Keala Hagmann, Tim Geary, Tyler House, Ike Nwaneshiudu, P Roads, Stephanie Candelaria, L book public
11/04/2011 Symposium on Indoor Air Quality in Developing Countries: Full Meeting Report Student/Faculty Work Ellison Carter, Matt Earnest, Elliott Gall, Brent Stephens meeting notes, student research public
11/02/2011 Thiocyanate-Capped Nanocrystal Colloids: Vibrational Reporter of Surface Chemistry and Solution-Based Route to Enhanced Coupling in Nanocrystal Solids Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Aaron T. Fafarman, Weon-kyu Koh, Benjamin T. Diroll, David K. Kim, Dong-Kyun Ko, Soong Ju Oh, Xingchen Ye, Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Michael R. Crump, Danielle C. Reifsnyder, Christopher B. Murray, and Cherie R. Kagan student research public
10/27/2011 Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment in College, 2nd Edition Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Barbara E. Walvoord, Virginia Johnson Anderson faculty research public
10/27/2011 South America’s Neoliberal Agricultural Frontiers: Places of Environmental Sacrifice or Conservation Opportunity? Student/Faculty Work Christian Brannstrom faculty research public
10/27/2011 Forests for cotton: Institutions and organizations in Brazil’s mid-twentieth-century cotton boom Student/Faculty Work Christian Brannstrom faculty research public
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